Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Awning Fabric

The awning fabric on this 1969 Avion had been weathered for quite a few years. I finally decided to give it a new vinyl fabric to freshen it up. I didn't want to "upscale" the look of the trailer with too flashy of a color, so I chose a gray fade. I think it compliments the satin finish of the older Avion trailer very well.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

# 1 trailer is in the hands of new owner

Hi folks,  I delivered the 64 Airstream GT to it's proud new parents last Wednesday.  They were sure glad to have that baby home.  Now their work begins for replacing the soft goods and adding their personal touches.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Busy Hands not Posting

The owners of this sweet little Globetrotter are in need of a new water heater and new plumbing lines.  The original 1964 Bowen water heater is still in place and not leaking.  However, it was full of corrosive  mineral deposits.  I didn't want to chance a 45 year old water heater damaging  their new floor, so it is being replaced.   The plumbing lines are being replaced with PEX.  A new water inlet will be located in the rear compartment area.  
Here's a few more interior shots of the Globetrotter.  In the rear bath is a medicine cabinet equipped with the Omni Chest.  It is a hinged design with storage behind the "chest" as well.  Very well planned use of the space.  Another Airstream exclusive.  

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Seeing Clearly

This 64 Globetrotter had a leaking and incorrectly installed window in front.  It had been replaced by plexiglas and was not even in the frame correctly.  I removed the window operators and gently removed the opening window frame from the trailer by sliding it sideways.  I removed the plexiglas and cleaned the frame thoroughly.  Next, I measured for the correct replacement glass.  For the new glass to seal to the frame properly, I used butyl glazing tape.  The tape is 1/4" wide and 1/16" thick.  It is available at www.vintagetrailersupply.com  After the new glass is installed in the frame, I installed new gray glazing strips to secure and seal the glass from the outside.  To completely seal the frame before reinstalling the glass, new bulb seal should be installed in the window frame that is mounted to the trailer.  This bulb seal was missing from this front window and is very hard and brittle on the others.  The other windows will be rebuilt as  the weather warms.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

My First Customer

Friends of mine in WBCCI were recently involved in an accident that totaled their beloved 1967 Caravel. It had been featured on the cover of the Blue Beret, and inside the pages of Airstream Life. Life without an Airstream in the driveway proved difficult for them, as you can imagine. Knowing the feeling of wanderlust, and that there is no way to roam haunted them. Until.....

I located a 1964 Globetrotter for them. It's a very nice trailer from the start, but as we all know, there is work to be done. Stay tuned as I help to bring this trailer back into proper working order. Here are a few pictures to start with.

New Beginnings

I grew up in a family business. It was Dad's business operating a trucking company. We hauled milk from the dairy farms to the processing plants. I drove a truck from the time I was 18 years old and got my chauffeur's license. Now, the license is better known as CDL. I drove for 28 years before closing our family business in 2006.

I bought my first camper when I was 18. It was a Shasta 16 SCS. A high school buddy and I were planning a beach trip. I had never owned a camper. Mom and Dad didn't camp either. So, where did my interest in camping come from? I dunno...................What do I know about a camper?..........What if I have problems?..........Can't afford to have it fixed by a dealer..........Maybe I can take it apart and fix it myself......Couldn't be that difficult, could it?.......Propane?......Plumbing?........Electrical?........Waste tanks?...........Brake Controls?........Weight Distributing Hitch?.....Sway control?..........I'll figure it out......

For the most part, I became a pretty good backyard trailer mechanic. With Dad's help and guidance, I thought there was nothing that I could not figure out. I added to this knowledge by attending Camping World Recreational Vehicle Institute in Bowling Green, Kentucky and graduating in November 2002. Shortly after returning home I began operating Roving RV Repair, a mobile RV service. I became affiliated with a local dealer and handle their mobile service.

Fast forward to NOW. The year of 2009 is beginning, as I launch Riveted Restorations.
Riveted Restorations will encompass riveted trailers of painted, polished, and anodized aluminum, as well as other unique travel trailers. The "canned ham" variety will always hold a special place in my heart.